How to play


So what is the game really about? The game is about winning. You win by having most point. The points are printed on the District cards – ergo: the game is about conquering the districts.

So how do I get those Districts? Good question. By having the most loyal members of your family in that district when the dust settles after the shootout. That is measured by the amount of stars on the gangster cards.

But let’s start from the beginning:

  1. Start by sorting up the cards in two piles, a pile with District cards and a pile with Gangster cards. If this is your first game, remove the Goon, the Accountant, The Bookie, The Bodyguard and the Diva – these gangsters all bend the rules slightly – add them when you feel ready.
  2. Place 3 District cards in the middle of the table.
  3. Each player draws 7 gangster cards.
  4. The players take turn placing gangsters in their districts. When there is 6 gangsters on each players side of the district cards the shooting begins. What about the card I didn’t use? Keep it, you now have an extra option for next round.
  5. About the shooting:  Each gangster can only shoot at one other gangster in each phase. The first phase is the first (top) row on your gangster, the second phase is the second row, the third phase is the third row.
  6. About the shooting:  Every gangster shoots at the same time. That is how a gunfight works. There is no turns. There is just bullets. If you hit a gangster place a bullet token on him. Gangsters can shoot no matter how many tokens they have on them. So it really doesn’t matter which player places the first bullets in a phase.
  7. About the shooting: You hit where you aim – left, straight or right… When you shoot choose one of the column on your shooting gangster. If you choose the middle column you will hit one of your opponents gangsters placed in the same district as the shooting gangster. If you choose the left column you will hit one of your opponents gangster in the district to the left of the shooting gangster (if there is no district to the left you will not hit anything).  And yes, you are right: if you choose the column on the right you can hit a gangster in the district to the right…
  8. More about the shooting: Some gangsters are better at aiming. If the gangster has a golden bullet sign in the direction you chose, then you can only hit the first gangster in line on the opponents side, BUT if your gangster has an X you can choose either to shoot the first or the second gangster in line.